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Take a deep breath. You’ve just entered the Mama Bears Rising zone.

Hi Mama!

If you’ve been feeling isolated in your journey, know you are not alone. I felt that way for a long

time in most seasons of my life as a mom. If you're frustrated and feel like you’re getting nowhere, don’t give up hope. I understand both of these feelings.


I’ve spent over a decade researching, raising awareness, and reaching out to others for solutions to what’s affecting our health, families, faith, communities and world. 


I began tackling the tough topics many are thinking about but not discussing through candid conversations on my blogs, podcasts, social media, coaching, advocacy work, hosting and community events. 

When the tragedy we’ve come to know as 2020 came along, I began to speak out about hospital protocols, the effects on patients and families, censorship, medical freedom, and attacks on our civil liberties. 


Through that, I was introduced to business leaders and elected officials and found myself thrust into yet another new environment: testifying at the Capitol. Despite being scared and unsure of what to expect, I jumped in and left feeling empowered. I discovered the powers given to our government are to be limited and defined and our elected officials work for us. This lit a fire inside of me and so began the next phase of my journey in life.


I realized I was CLUELESS about my role and responsibility as a citizen, the legislative process, laws affecting my everyday life, and how to engage at the local level: where I had the most influence.  


Ignorance was no longer an option for this mama.  It was time to RISE up for my health, family, faith, freedom and help other mamas grow on their journey as well.


Maybe you’re at a crossroads wondering if what you’re doing is even worth the time and effort or you’re choosing between your comfort and calling, whether to step out in boldness to protect your family or just leave it up to someone else and abdicate your responsibility.




Many mamas are wrestling with these same issues that are keeping

them up at night and are seeking connection and community.


Sometimes it only takes a spark to move you towards that first step,


then the next,


and the one after that until your spark becomes a flame.


Wherever you are in your season of life and mama bear journey,

you are welcome here. 


I invite you to join us, discuss, contemplate, engage, grow, and do it all over again. 



What Is
Mama Bear Rising?


Who Is
Mama Bear Rising?

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